About Us

How XUsed idea was formed

XUsed was started as an extension of an earlier entrepreneurship initiative of promoting used cooking oil (UCO) as a waste product. The initiative was taken initially by SamBio Resources (SBR) Sdn Bhd, a company specializing in collecting UCD from households, school canteens, hospitals in Kuantan, Pahang. The UCO collected is then sold to companies that manufacture biodiesel products. The initiative by SBR Sdn Bhd had received considerable supports from various parties, especially government agencies such as TERAJU, MyHarapan and state agencies. Target groups comprising under-privilege communities such as OKU, single parents and low-income families had benefited financially from SBR’s efforts. This contributes towards helping those groups in getting extra income from selling UCO on regular (weekly or monthly) basis and lessening their financial burden due to increasing cost of living.

The development of XUsed has broadened the scopes of waste products, not confining only to UCO only but to other products as well, e.g., food wastes, tin cans, bottles, plastics, metals, e-wastes (mobile phones, computer hardwares etc.), and many others. With XUsed, buying and selling can be done on-line and transactions between buyers and sellers of waste products can be done in a more efficient and systematic way.